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Torah24-7: Short inspiring Torah video clips on Parsha, Hashkafa, Mussar and more

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Short inspiring Torah video shiurim on the Parsha, Jewish holidays, Hashkafa, Mussar, current events, stories about tzadikim, Davening, lomdes, gimatriot, halachah, clever, funny, challenging riddles and much more.

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What is this site about?

Don't we all enjoy a good and sweet vort, a clever devar Torah, or an inspiring story? Are you looking for a thought or an observation about the Parsha to share at your Shabbos table? With Hashem's help we collected many different divrei Torah and present them in 1-3 minute-long video clips. Recharge your day with a vort or two and then come back for more. Enjoy the sweet taste of Torah. We currently have more than 16,800 short shiurim on the site.

At times during recording we may forget to mention the source for the devar Torah. We apologize in advance.


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