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Spoke at or on behalf of:

– Irgun Shiurei Torah, Flatbush NY


– Chazaq

– RAA The Rabbinical Alliance of America

– Philadelphia Community Kollel

– Congregation Ahavas Torah, Philadelphia

– Mesivta Yesoda Yisroel of Elkins Park, Philadelphia

– Beth Abraham, Teaneck NJ

– Aish HaTorah Manhattan, NY

– Kol Torah, Baltimore

– Passaic Torah Institute

– Yeshiva Ner Boruch

– Congregation Shomrei Emunah, Baltimore

– Bais Haknesses Ohr Hachaim, Baltimore

– Khal Chassidim, Highland Park NJ

– RCA (Rabbinical College of America) Chabad, Morristown NJ

– Bucharien Jewish Community Center, Forest Hills

– Young Israel of Queens Valley

– Bais Dovid D’lantzut, Queens

– Aish HaTorah L.A.

– Chabad Irvine, CA

– Lenox Hill Hospital, Manhattan

– Shul at the Premier, Woodmere NY

– Scholar in residence for 11 years at the Young Israel
of Queens Valley for 4 summer Shabbatot

– Bar Mitzvahs

– Private gatherings at homes and halls

– Many Yeshivos, Shuls and functions in Eretz Yisroel

– Comunidad Israelita de Barcelona, Spain

Shuirim can accommodate any desired topic, or can be provided
Here is a small sample of shiurim titles:

– How to Obtain Constant Simcha

– Humility – The Foundation To It All

– Bearing the burden with one’s friend (noseh b’ol im chaveiro)

– Davening – Our Most Powerful Weapon

– Practice Makes Perfect – How To Judge People Favorably

– Q&A For Teachers, Rebbes and Educators

– Prisoners Exchange in Halacha

– Inyanei Tzedaka

– Strengthening Our Bitachon and Emunah

– Lashon Harah – Not Here! Including fascinating Halachic q&a

– Appreciation – Hakarat HaTov

– Achdus – Our Real Strength

– Truth at all cost – Is it ever permitted to lie

– Golden Crumbs From The Table of Gedolei Yisroel (Q&A)

– Can You Risk Your Life To Save Others

– Medical q&a

– Ba’alei Teshuva q&a

– The Spirit Of Shabbos

– Shalom Bayit Do’s and Don’ts

– Chinuch in Challenging Times

– Inyanei Kibbud Av Va’Em

– Horrific Questions in Jewish History (Holocaust and War-Time Q&A)

– Are You Allowed To Buy Insurance?

– Insurance Matters – Fascinating Halachic Q&A and Chizzuk In Bitachon

– Parnasa Matters – Q&A Chizzuk, Stories and Segulot For Success

– Is Vegetarianism Recommended

– Is Chazzanot A Good Idea?

– Kiddush Hashem – The Greatest Mitzva

– Inyanei Tzedaka

– Go See Tzadikim! The Significance of Seeing Gedolim and Receiving Their Blessings

– All You Wanted to Know About Tefilin

– Real Estate fascinating Halachic q&a

– Can You Own a Dog

– Ayin Hara – Should You Worry About The “Evil Eye”?

– Are You Ready To Learn Kabbala?

– Programs for Tisha BeAv can revolve around achdus and lashon hara

– The Stories Of The Destruction Of Beit Hamikdash (Shiur on Masechet Gittin 55b-58a , around 2 hours, suitable for Tisha BeAv)

– Tisha BeAv – 4 hour shiur on the kinos

– The Honor Of Talmidei Chachamim And The Torah

– Chizzuk For Torah Learning

– The Mitzva Of Yishuv Eretz Yisroel

– Wild Cases in Halacha Q&A

– Torah 24-7?

– Dreams And Their Meanings

– Preparation For Beginning Of Zeman in Yeshivot

– Preparation For Vacation (Bein Hazemanim) in Yeshivot

Preparation For Yamim Nora’im – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur

– Teshuva – The Ultimate Time Tunnel

– Teshuva – 3 Steps to Changing People and Bad Decrees

– Shiurim for Pesach

– Shiurim for Lag BaOmer

– Shiurim For Shavuot – The Love For Torah

– Shiurim For The Three Weeks and Tisha BeAv

– Shiurim for Sukkot

– Shiurim for Chanukah

– Shiurim for Purim

– Shiur For Siyum Mashechet Or Sha”s

– Can We Bring Sacrifices Today?

– Should One Grow A Beard?

– Do We Want To Suffer? Judaism’s view on afflictions

– “HaKal HaKal Techila” – Yom Kippur Halacha shiur

– Should One Afflict Himself To Atone For His Sins?

– Can You Feed Your Child On A Fast Day בדין איסור ספייה לקטנים

– “Clone Your Self And Meat Your Future” – Beef up on information related to cloning humans and lab-grown cultured meat and the resulting halachic implications

– Shmura Matzah Or Not – That Is the Question…

– Can You Hold On To Your Regular Stock Portfolio On Pesach

– Pesach Cleaning – Halacha Lema’ase – What And How Do You Really Have To Clean

– Can You Daven To An Angel

– Can You Benefit From A Miracle?

– The Greatness Of King David

– Rabbi Akiva – Behind The Scenes With The Greatest Tanna

Shiurim can be given in Hebrew or English. Shiurim are given to men, or men and women (separately seated)

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“Speaker/author is a talmid of Maran the Gaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit”a, the Gaon Rav Asher Weiss Shlit”a and the Gaon Rav Ephraim Greenblatt TZ”L
He has been working in Jewish outreach for many years and is a recognized dynamic and inspiring lecturer on many topics and is often invited to speak in many shuls,
yeshivot and events in Israel and abroad
He is a prolific author, with 24 published seforim thus far on Halacha and Aggada, including the highly acclaimed Measure For Measure – Haggadah shel Pesach and Megillas Esther, the new Shulchan Aruch for Rabbis and Torah scholars and the new Chumash with all 4,000 inclusion and exclusion words in the Torah explained.
All his seforim received enthusiastic support of Gedolei Yisroel. He also has a worldwide following, attracting thousands of visitors monthly, through a free website. On the site, there are thousands of shiurim (currently 17,800 with new ones added daily) in Hebrew and English, sharing wonderful insights into the depths of the Torah and ideas we can use in our daily lives.”
“He will make you laugh, he will make you cry; he will inspire and empower you, but more importantly, he will propel you to action – getting closer to Hashem.”

From my master and teacher, Maran, Sar HaTorah, Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a
With the help of Heaven – Shevat, Shemittah 5775
Our beloved Rav and Gaon R’ Aharon Yehoshua Pessin, shlit”a, has merited to publish many important works… I’ve known the author for several years. He is a Torah scholar whose fear of Heaven precedes his knowledge. We can hope that this work will be of benefit to all and will strengthen their fear of Heaven.Chaim Kanievsky

“Rabbi Pessin can connect you to people, and to HaKadosh Baruch Hu. He has open access everywhere.” Harav Hagaon Rav Asher Weiss Shlit”a

To be added to the recipient list or for scheduling a shiur or Shabbaton at your shul/ yeshiva/ simcha/ event, please email us at
American line 646 340 5403        Israeli cell 972 542 510 336