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Are you looking for a sweet vort, a clever d’var Torah, or an inspiring story, thought or an observation about the parsha to share at your Shabbos table, at a brit, bar mitzva, sheva brachot and more? TORAH24-7.COM has thousands of one to three minute-long video shiurim to help you recharge. Start your day with a vort or two and then come back for more and enjoy the sweet taste of Torah.

We currently have more than 23,500 short shiurim on the site!

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More Than 23,500 Shiurim On The Site!

Sample Short Shiurim

Is The Torah Divine

AI Look Out, There’s Another Form Of Intelligence

Shavuot And Cell Phones – If Only…

Are We Diggers…

Will Property In Israel Get Cheaper

Who Was Really Smoking On Shabbat

Secrets For Becoming Rich

Does Judaism Believe In The Existence Of Aliens

How To Get Rid Of All Troubles


Who Would You Invite…

Kid Was Choking – What The Father Did Next…

What Was The One Condition The Surgeon Made

My master and teacher Maran, Harav Asher Weiss Shlit”a
speaks about the importance of TORAH24-7.COM

My master and teacher Maran, Harav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l

The blessing of My master and teacher, Maran, HaRav Asher Weiss Shlit”a celebrating the recording of 20,000 shiurim on TORAH24-7.COM

Sample Long Shiurim

How To Find Inner Simcha/ Irgun Shiurei Torah, Flatbush NY

Bet Hamikdash and Emunat Chachamim/ Igud RAA Rabbinical Alliance of America

Hesped Sar HaTorah Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l/ Waterbury CT

Achieving Shalom Bayit – Work In Progress/ Passaic Torah Institute – Chazaq –

Teshuva – The Ultimate Time Tunnel/ Philadelphia Community Kollel

Human Cloning and Cultured Meat in Halacha/ Kew Gardens Hills, NY – Chazaq –

Chazaq’s Tuesday’s Timely Torah Talks – Lessons from the leaders

The Stories Of The Destruction Of Bet HaMikdash – Gittin 55b-58a

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